History of Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity History


Alpha Phi Omega was founded on December 16, 1925 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, by Frank Reed Horton [Pictured to the left] and 13 other students who were former Boy Scouts and scouters, as a way to continue participating in the ideals of Scouting at the college level. Six advisors were also inducted: President John H. MacCracken, Dean Donald B. Prentice, Professors D. Arthur Hatch and Harry T. Spengler; one local Scouting official, Herbert G. Horton, and one national Scouting official, the national director of relationships for the Boy Scouts of America, Ray O. Wyland. The founders insisted that all those gaining membership must pledge to uphold the fraternity's three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

Alpha Phi Omega became a national fraternity on January 11, 1927 with the founding of Beta chapter at University of Pittsburgh. Horton served as Supreme Grand Master from the founding of the fraternity until the 1931 convention. A total of 18 chapters were founded during this period. At the 1931 convention, H. Roe Bartle was elected as Supreme Grand Master (title changed to National President in 1934) and served through World War II, stepping down at the 1946 convention. During his time as president, the number of chapters grew to 109. Early in his term (October 1931), Alpha Phi Omega was formally recognized by the Boy Scouts of America

Psi Nu Chapter History

The Psi Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was re-chartered at Benedict College on May 7, 2011. Since then, the Psi Nu chapter has been able to provide service proudly to the four major fields. Service to the college, service to the community, service to the members of the fraternity, and service to the nation as a participating citizen. The success of our service programs is dependent upon our individual members, who strive to uphold the fraternity’s cardinal principles of leadership, friendship, and service.

Alpha Phi Omega Symbols

 Jewel: Diamond The most precious of all gemstones representing brilliance, luster, always increasing in value, and an expression of the greatest gift of love when given.

 Bird: Golden Eagle The 1976 National Convention declared the golden eagle as a new Fraternity symbol. The golden eagle symbolizes strength, gracefulness, keenness of vision, and endurance.

 Color: Blue Our color of blue is a royal blue color. It is elegant, a sign of pure deed and thought. A color in our Nation’s flag.

 Flower: Forget-Me-Not A perennial flower with royal blue blossoms. It is everlasting, always remembered.

 Tree: Oak Tree We have all heard from a parent or mentor at least once in our lives the story of the sturdy oak tree that grew from a small acorn. The oak is stately, sturdy, and sheltering.

 Color: Gold Our color of gold is called “old glory” gold. A color also found in the Nation’s flag (fringe and tassels). It represents high value, respect, royalty, and a sign of love.

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